Do you need an abortion in Ireland?

We recommend visiting womenhelp.org for information on the early medical abortion pill.

Can I get an abortion from a doctor or a hospital in Ireland?

Unfortunately not. In both the North and South of Ireland, abortion is illegal in most cases. People in Ireland who need abortions travel to a different country where abortion is legal, usually the United Kingdom or Holland (although Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, the abortion law which permits abortion in England, Scotland and Wales, does not extend to Northern Ireland). People who can’t travel can order the abortion pill online. The abortion pill is not legal in Ireland, however for many people it is the only option.

I would like to travel to have an abortion in a country where it is legal

If you are traveling to the United Kingdom for an abortion, you can contact Abortion Support Network. They can provide you with information about abortion clinics in the United Kingdom. Sometimes they can help you pay for the abortion, or can help you with travel costs. You can read case studies here.

The price of an abortion in the United Kingdom is between £400 and £2000. If you want to travel it is highly recommended you contact Abortion Support Network before you do. If you go to an Irish Family Planning Clinic or a Well Woman clinic in Ireland, they can also provide information on abortion clinics in the United Kingdom, but they can’t tell you about how to get the abortion pill online in Ireland. This is why we’re here: to give you information about the abortion pill if you can’t travel to a different country for your abortion.

Why do Need Abortion Ireland recommend womenhelp.org

womenhelp.org is a pro-choice organization. Pro-choice means they support the right of women to get abortions when they need them and believe that every woman can use abortion pills safely and effectively. They want women who choose abortion to feel empowered, not stigmatized. They will NOT ask you any questions about why you need an abortion or any unnecessary personal information. They will only ask you to complete a short consultation process and make a small donation. Their doctor will quickly review your consultation and the abortion pills will then be provided to you. If you are nervous about contacting them or have problems with your consultation process, contact us.

How can I help?

We are in the process of setting up a secure donation service, but in the mean time you can help by supporting womenhelp.org and abortionsupport.org.uk, and by sharing the page with your friends/family.