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I took the abortion pill but I am worried about accessing medical care/what to tell my GP

I found out I was pregnant 4 months ago. I was only 6 weeks pregnant when I found out. My period usually runs like clockwork, so I knew there was something up when Aunt Flo was nowhere to be seen. I knew I definitely didn’t want a baby. But I also knew what my options were. I was definitely aware that I could go to the UK for an abortion. But I’d also heard of the ‘abortion pill’ in the news recently. I decided I’d look it up. It would mean I wouldn’t have to take a plane anywhere or take too much time off work.

Straight away, when I typed in ‘abortion pill’ into the search bar, the website Women Help Women popped up. The website explained clearly what the abortion pill or ‘medical abortion’ was, how to take it and how to order it from the site. The site explained that the pills were often seized by customs in Ireland, which meant that it was better, in terms of getting them on time, to have the pills sent to a friend or family member living in Northern Ireland, as customs seemed less strict. I was lucky to have a friend working in Belfast that I trusted, so I was okay in that regard. Women Help Women did say though that they had other options for people who didn’t know anybody up North.

After picking the pills (there were actually two – not just one) up from my friend 10 days later I went back home to take it. As the instructions on the site and in the e-mails from Women Help Women were so detailed I knew exactly how to take the pills. The whole process of the abortion, though it was uncomfortable, went as expected, and a couple of days later, I felt okay. That said, I did want to pay a visit to the doctor, just make sure everything was okay. I found out that the Irish Family Planning Association and the Well Woman Clinic in Dublin do post-abortion check ups, so I popped into one of them one morning.

I felt more at ease with a doctor that I didn’t feel I needed to explain myself to. Saying that, I had read online that if you say you have a miscarriage, doctors can’t tell the difference between it and a medical abortion, if you’ve taken the pills orally. I think if I had gone down that route, I might have told the doctor that I had had some heavy bleeding recently and had missed a period previous to that, that I wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Even if the doctor had questioned me, I wouldn’t have had to say anything about taking the abortion pill, safe in the knowledge that there would be no way of them finding out even after examining me. Overall, I was really happy to have Women Help Women and the clinic as important resources in my situation.

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