Get me out of here

I needed to access an abortion (under or above 10 weeks) but have no access to money

I needed to get an abortion last year when I doing my Leaving
Certificate. I knew straight away what I needed to do, but I had almost
no money – I didn’t have a part-time job or anything like that, and my
parents are completely anti-abortion. None of my friends or anyone I
know has even had an abortion either…well, as far as I know – so I had
nowhere to turn to for advice. I found out after my third month missing
my period, when I finally plucked up the courage to do a test.
After a few hours of freaking out, I began searching on my phone for
what to do. I knew abortion was illegal in Ireland, so I thought my best
bet would be the UK. My best friend from primary school moved over to
Manchester with her family when she was 14, so I would have a good cover
story. One of the first websites I found was the Abortion Support
Network, which is based in the UK but works mainly to help girls and
women in Ireland get to the UK. I called them up the next morning when
my parents and sister were out.
I explained my situation – that I was pretty young, had very little
money and couldn’t tell my parents. They were able to help me by
covering part of my medical and accommodation costs and explaining how
the process would work/where the clinic was.
I really don’t think I would have been able to go through the whole
experience without the Abortion Support Network, they were absolutely
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