Get me out of here

I needed to access an abortion under 10 weeks living in the north of Ireland

I realised I was pregnant at 9 weeks. I’d been feeling really sore and uncomfortable and knew something was up. I took a pregnancy test in work. It was really stressful- when I found womenhelpwomen I was so relieved, like this was the first hurdle over. I read through their guidelines over and over and ordered the pills.

They needed a €90 donation which I could manage, and my partner helped cover the cost. The pills arrived about a week later. I knew in advance that I couldn’t be in work while I was having the abortion so I went to my doctor and told them I had diarrhoea and was feeling run down. They gave me a sick note for a few days and that night I took the pills.

My sister had an abortion a few years later and she was offered a sick note after having a crisis pregnancy meeting with a women’s clinic. I spent 4 days in bed and felt fine. The pain was pretty bad after the second set of pills, and when I woke up the next morning the bleed hadn’t fully started and I panicked, but after an hour of being awake it started.

Even though everything went really smoothly for me it was still a panic while it was happening and waiting for the pills because I was worried something totally unexpected would happen, but things were ok. If I could change one thing I might have told a close friend or my sister just so I had more help when I was at home, had someone to make me food during the first day that was most uncomfortable!

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