Get me out of here

I needed to access an abortion after 10 weeks

When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t know what I wanted at all. Part
of me wanted to be pregnant and to carry the pregnancy on, but I was
sick and I didn’t have much money or work and I gradually realised that
it just wasn’t the right time for me. By the time I decided that I
needed an abortion it was too late to get pills from womenonweb or
womenhelpwomen. That was a bit of a blow because I’d thought pills would
be easier. But I had to kick back into action so I started looking up
clinics in the U.K.
It was confusing; I didn’t know where anything was, the cost of the
procedure varied so much, I had no idea what to expect and I couldn’t
ask any of my family or friends because I wanted to keep it to myself.
After more searching I found the Abortion Support Network who were
really helpful in helping me find a clinic and explaining what would
happen and what to expect. I told my housemates that I was going to
visit old friends, and a few days later I got on the ferry to Liverpool.
I ended up going to the BPAS clinic there and the Abortion Support
Network volunteer met me at the port. I was so happy to have someone to
guide me, it was a real comfort, I just felt that people weren’t
suspicious of me, I felt much more confident. At the clinic there were
other Irish women. That was the strangest part of it, hearing their accents.
It was very quick, I was placed under a local anaesthetic and it was
over in about 20 minutes. I was a bit dazed afterwards, but I knew where
I was going and I had somewhere to stay. I went back to Dublin the next
day. It was hard but in my case, it just had to be done.
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